Guest Bloggers 2013

Guest Bloggers for Points are generally academics, policy experts, activists, or educators with a professional research interest in alcohol and drugs. If you fall outside this description but think you would like to contribute, you may send a short resume, 2-3 relevant clips (links to online publications are fine), and a brief pitch that explains the topic you want to write about and the approach you intend to take to Eoin Cannon. Please note that Points does not publish book reviews, fiction, poetry, or memoir/personal experience narrative.

Marcus Chatfield: Marcus Chatfield is in his final year at Goddard College working toward an Individualized Bachelor of Arts degree. His research has focused on the history, dynamics, and effects of institutionalized coercive persuasion in the “troubled-teen industry.” He is currently writing a book based on his undergraduate research and is associate producer of the upcoming documentary film, Surviving Straight, Inc. He was a client of Straight, Incorporated from 1985-87.

Matthew J. Raphael: Matthew J. Raphael uses a pen name in deference to AA’s 11th Tradition of anonymity. He recently retired from a long career as a critic and historian of American literature and is the author of Bill W. and Mr. Wilson: The Legend and Life of AA’s Co-founder (U. Mass. Press, 2000).

Kimberly Sue: Kim Sue is in her sixth year of the M.D.-Ph.D. Social Science Program at Harvard Medical School and the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. For her Ph.D. in sociocultural/medical anthropology, she is currently conducting fieldwork on women with opiate addiction and their attempts at recovery in three sites in Massachusetts: a suboxone clinic, a local jail, and the state women’s prison. She also is involved in developing and implementing a social medicine, post-incarceration clinic based at Mass General Hospital-Chelsea. She intends to do a medical residency in internal medicine-primary care with a focus on addiction.


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